SpecialKids Early Intervention Programme


The SpecialKids Early Intervention Programme provides a centre-based early intervention programme for children aged 2 to 6 with developmental challenges. It aims to maximize the potential of each child with developmental needs by providing functional skills for learning and living during his/her optimal window of learning. The programmes offer a small group learning environment to prepare children for future integration into the mainstream school setting


  • Through customised programmes, every child can optimise his potential and be prepared to access future learning, working and living opportunities.
  • Through collaboration with parents and caregivers, learning opportunities will be maximised and their learning will become meaningful amid the flow of their daily life.
  • To prepare all children for future school learning environment, either in mainstream, special or integrated settings.


AvatarMedical & Clinical Team – Doctor, psychologist, therapists and special needs teachers

  • In collaboration with the clinical team of Dr Lian Wee Bin, the therapists provides group therapy and individual therapy services.
  • A teaching team with experienced special needs pre school teachers.

Conducive learning environment

  • A small teacher and student ratio (1:2 to 1:4).
  • A centre equipped with purposely-designed facilities and equipment e.g. Sensory outdoor area, study carrels, SMART board Interactive whiteboard and child-safe furniture & fittings.

Support for continuous therapy and learning

  • The programme is part of the SKILT Centre which also provides other therapy and learning support services for children before and after 7 years old.

Parents as facilitators and partners in management of the children


  • Children who need regular, intensive and adequate opportunities for stimulation and learning.
  • Children who need differentiated instruction tailored to their learning abilities.
  • ​Children who need a structured classroom environment with a small teacher and student ratio.


Wonderers Programme (2 hours): Where children learn through wondering and wandering about, exploring things through an experimental journey.

Aspirers Programme (2.5 hours): Where children learn in different, holistic ways, and form their aspirations for the future. Here, we kick-start early, pre-academic learning, amidst improving and honing their developmental skills in the communications, motor and social domains. Body awareness and self-care are also key goals.

Achievers Programme (2.5 hours): Where children explore their own abilities, and are taught to reach for the skies and achieve their dreams.


The three main components in our early intervention programme curriculum are: an individualised education programme, a centre curriculum and group / individual therapy.


Will be mapped out for each child. It is a customized education plan to address the learning needs of each individual. Each child will have an Individualized Education Programme that addresses the following domains of development:

  • Personal & Social
  • Cognition
  • Cognition/ Communication
  • Communication
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor

The centre curriculum is designed in alignment with the Nurturing Early Years Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens and SPED Curriculum Framework in Singapore. It incorporates the structured teaching, thematic and multi-intelligence approaches to support differentiated learning in group activities in a spiral progression manner.

The activities provide highly diversified learning experiences to ensure generalization and transfer of learning across settings (classroom, home, community). They include:

  • Academic Learning – English
  • Academic Learning – Mathematics
  • ICT Learning
  • Art & Craft
  • Music Exploration​


    • If you suspect that your child might have delays, you can call in and our SKILT Centre staff will help you to arrange a medical consult to explore the possibilities. We work in close collaboration with SpecialKids Child Health & Development Clinic to work towards a profile and/or a diagnosis with a clinical evaluation with/without a psychological evaluation. An individualised educational plan can then be effected for your child.
    • If your child has been identified and diagnosed to be at risk of developmental delay, give us a call at the SKILT Centre.